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Corner Learn To Submit Spirogram Report Corner

Detailed instructions-

1.Obtain a printout of the spirogram.

2.Scan the copy of the spirogram and save it with an appropriate code(preferably patient’s id no).Pl note the form should be saved in a jpg format only.

3.Login to the Spirometry Quality Assurance website using your login id and  password.

4.Fill in the details required to upload the report

   (Trial_Code, Site_Code, Patient_code, Visit_no) 

5.Attach the report.

6.Upload the report.

Sample Spirogram

Dos and Don’ts


Obtain a good quality printout of the spirogram.

Ensure that the scanned copy of the spirogram is of good quality.

Ensure that the scanned copy has captured all details of the original spirogram.

Do not save the scanned spirogram copy in any other form except .jpg format.

Save the scanned spirogram copy with a appropriate name.

During upload enter correct details w.r.t. trial code, visit no., investigator and test date.

Ensure that the correct spirogram is uploaded w.r.t the details entered.


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